GOP: Obama used 'fraudulent marketing' to pass healthcare law

Nov. 16, 2013 at 9:06 AM
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WASHINGON, D.C., Nov. 16 (UPI) -- A Republican senator accused President Obama Saturday of "fraudulent marketing" of the Affordable Care Act and urged passage of a bill to fix flaws in the law.

Delivering the Republican party's weekly media address, Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin blasted the president's apology this week for the cancellation of some health insurance policies as a result of provisions in the law.

"President Obama's so-called apology, was as phony as his fraudulent marketing of Obamacare," Johnson said.

"Those assurances weren't slight exaggerations or innocent shadings of the truth," he added. "They were statements that were fully vetted, coldly calculated, and carefully crafted to deceptively sell your healthcare plan to a trusting public."

Problems with the healthcare website and the canceled policies are "only the tip of this destructive iceberg," Johnson said.

He called for passage of a bill he has introduced in the Senate called the "If you like your health plan, you can keep it Act." Johnson said he also planned to introduce a bill that would allow people to make their own decisions about their healthcare.

Johnson's bill has been co-sponsored by every Republican in the Senate, The Hill reported.

Thirty-nine Democrats voted with Republicans to pass a similar bill in the House Friday, but it has little chance of surviving in the Senate and President Obama would veto it if it was passed, CNN reported.

The White House is opposed to the bill, charging it would undercut the healthcare law. The administration has proposed administrative fixes instead.

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