Man who allegedly shot four officers gives up after lengthy standoff

ROSEVILLE, Calif., Oct. 26 (UPI) -- A parolee involved in a shootout that left three officers and a federal agent injured surrendered early Saturday morning in Roseville, Calif., police say.

Samuel Duran had barricaded himself in the house Friday afternoon after a woman in the home fled, CNN reported.


He had been pinned down in the house for hours by a SWAT team surrounding the building, said police spokesman Brian Jacobson.

Duran's aunt went on television to beg him to give up. "Just come home," she said.

Finally, a police robot entered the home and told him to surrender.

Police had been searching for Duran for weeks, although they did not say why. When they found him Friday, a gunfight broke out and an agent from Immigration and Customs Enforcement was shot in the leg, said ICE spokeswoman Virginia Kice.

The agent was taken to a hospital, where he reported to be stable and alert.

During the chase, one of three Roseville officers was hit by gunfire in the jaw and another in the shoulder, said Roseville Lt. Cal Walstad. The third was injured by bullet fragments

As police began to cut off the suspect's paths to escape, he went through the back gate of Brenda Bell's home. Bell fled to a neighbor's home.


None of the injured Roseville officers suffered life-threatening injuries, police said. One was in serious condition Friday, while the other two were stable.

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