Son of mugger reaches out to father's victim to right his wrong

Sept. 29, 2013 at 2:20 PM
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BETHANY, Okla., Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A 15-year-old boy from Oklahoma said he felt the need to set things right with a 78-year-old woman that his father allegedly mugged.

Tona Herndon of Bethany, Okla., was was making her way to visit her recently deceased husband's grave when she was mugged by a man who made off with her purse and about $700, CBS News reported Friday.

Police quickly caught the mugger and put his mugshot on television, which his son, teenager Christian Lunsford, happened to see.

Lunsford said the last time that he saw his father, who divorced his mother when was 2 and had since been in and out of jail several times, he had given him $250 for a band trip.

The teen reached out to Herndon to apologize for his father's actions and the two agreed to meet in a church parking lot.

"It needed to be done," he says. "She needed an apology from somebody. If I didn't apologize, who would?"

Lunsford told Herndon about the money his father recently gave him and that he wasn't sure if it was the money he stole from her, but that he would like her to have it.

"I accepted the money back," Herndon said. "And it was mine to do with what I wanted."

Herndon said she then gave the money back to Lunsford so he could go on his trip.

"I thought that was so, so precious," Herndon said. "Any 15-year-old boy who has that much conscience is extraordinary."

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