Maricopa County jails in Arizona to transition to vegetarian meals

PHOENIX, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio said that his eight Maricopa County jails in Arizona will transition to serving only vegetarian meals to save money.

Arpaio, 81, donned a chef outfit during a television appearance to publicize his decision, Yahoo News reported.


"Little by little, this is the first step to go vegetarian," he said. "There will be no more meat on the menu, we'll save $100,000."

The Maricopa County jails will instead serve soy, and the inmates will still be charged for their meals, another change that went into effect earlier this year.

Arpaio is a five-time elected sheriff and he has made headlines numerous times, KSAZ-TV, Phoenix, reported. In 1993, he instituted Tent City, a group of military tents that housed inmates due to overcrowding at jails.

He has also made inmates wear pink underwear, and in August, began requiring his deputies to carry firearms at all times, even when they are off duty.

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