High-ranking Hollywood, Fla., police are targets of investigation

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Sept. 25 (UPI) -- Two high-ranking officers in the Hollywood, Fla., Police Department were relieved of duty after being informed they were under investigation for misconduct.

Assistant Chief Ken Haberland, 47, and Maj. Norris Redding, 52, were relieved of duty with pay Tuesday. The action came two weeks after the Office of the State Attorney in Broward County told them they were being investigated concerning allegations of official misconduct.


An internal audit raised questions of whether Haberland and Redding destroyed Internal Affairs reports involving themselves or friends in the police department, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported Wednesday.

Police Chief Frank Fernandez said an audit he requested raised concerns about how Internal Affairs cases have been handled.

Haberland's lawyer, Eric Schwartzreich, said of Haberland and Redding: "Our clients complied with the spirit and letter of the law and did not do anything criminal. Departments have a right to purge certain IA [Internal Affairs] files and what was done was allowed by state law. Our clients are open books in this matter. No one is hiding anything here."

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