U.N. secretary-general cites mistreatment of detainees in DRC

UNITED NATIONS, July 18 (UPI) -- The U.N, secretary-general expressed concern Thursday over reports of mistreatment of rebel detainees in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The reports say members of the rebel group M23 have been victims of human rights abuses, and members' corpses have been desecrated by members of FARDC, the national armed forces, a U.N. statement said.


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "calls on the Democratic Republic of Congo to bring the perpetrators, of these reported acts, to justice, and underlines that mistreatment of detainees is a violation human rights and international humanitarian law," a U.N. spokesman said.

Fighting between M23 and FARDC broke out recently near the city of Goma, after a two-month lull, the statement said.

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