GOP: Implementation of Obamacare will be a 'trainwreck'

WASHINGTON, June 29 (UPI) -- U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., said Saturday implementation of the Affordable Care Act is a "train wreck, folks, and we have to get America out of the way."

In the Republicans' weekly address, Roberts said questions remain about how the healthcare reform law will work out in practice -- including how much healthcare coverage will cost and what will be covered, The Hill reported.


"Will you be able to see your family doctor? Will your personal health information remain private? Private and safe? Will you lose the health insurance plan you like? Will the high costs force your employer to make you a part-time employee, change your plan or just drop your coverage altogether?" Roberts said. "Right now, you can't answer these questions and neither can the Obama administration."

Roberts said the federal Government Accountability Office found major problems with the exchange of private for public healthcare, and said the ACA may not be implemented by its Oct. 1 deadline, CNN reported.

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"Time is running out," he said.

Roberts said the law will increase taxes and the cost of insurance for many who choose to keep their current plans, if they are allowed to do so, by as much as four times as what they are paying now.


He said he has introduced a bill in the Senate to do away with the exchanges and "the mandated tax" if the law is not implemented by Oct. 1.

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"We need to make the right kind of change to the health care system ... change that doesn't include higher taxes, higher premiums and decision-making by government bureaucrats rather than our own doctors," Roberts said.

"We must put an end to the fear and uncertainty," Roberts said. "It's a train wreck, folks, and we have to get America out of the way."

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