Victims of gangland violence to get compensation in Chicago

CHICAGO, June 6 (UPI) -- The families of people killed years ago by a Chicago mobster should receive compensation from assets discovered in his home, a judge says.

Frank Calabrese Sr., head of the Chicago Outfit, died in December in prison. He was convicted of 13 killings, and the victims' families are expected to get $1.7 million within weeks, the Chicago Tribune reported.


U.S. District Judge James Zagel ordered the payment last month, court documents say.

In 2010, federal agents found a stash of money and jewelry in a compartment concealed by a picture in the basement of Calabrese's home in Oak Brook, an upscale Chicago suburb. They seized $644,000 in cash, mostly in $500 and $1,000 bills, and hundreds of items of jewelry.

U.S. Attorney Gary Shapiro said this kind of restitution is unusual in organized crime cases. Calabrese was one of the targets of the massive Family Secrets investigation.

"They never find the money, and if you find the money, are never able to get your hands on it," Shapiro told the Tribune. "Just solving all these cold cases ... Then to be able to prove it. To be able to find assets of mobsters. Every step of this is something that I never thought I would see."


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