U.S. to send Patriot missiles, F-16s to Jordan

WASHINGTON, June 3 (UPI) -- Deployment of a Patriot missile battery and F-16 fighter jets to Jordan was approved over the weekend, a U.S. Central Command spokesman said.

Delivery of the weaponry, as part of a multinational training exercise, was approved by U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, CNN said Monday, noting a broader message is being sent.


"In order to enhance the defensive posture and capacity of Jordan, some of these assets may remain beyond the exercise at the request of the government of Jordan," said Lt. Col. T.G. Taylor, a spokesman at the U.S. Central Command.

The missiles, which will be sent from Fort Bliss, Texas, can provide Jordan defensive capabilities as concern grows that Syrian missiles are being shipped to Hezbollah in nearby Lebanon, CNN said. It added the F-16s and their crews will train with Jordanian combat air forces

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