New Jersey woman saves young baseball player's life

May 12, 2013 at 7:39 PM
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HARRINGTON PARK, N.J., May 12 (UPI) -- A good Samaritan saved the life of an 8-year-old boy who went into cardiac arrest after being hit in the chest with a ball during a baseball game in New Jersey.

Ian McGreevey was sliding into third base during a game at Highland Field in Harrington Park, N.J., Saturday when the catcher threw the ball that hit him in the chest, the New York Post reported.

"Our catcher tried to throw him out, and the ball hit him just under his heart and he fell. He just fell to his knees," said Maureen Renaghan, who got out of her seat in the stands to help the boy. Her husband coaches Ian's rival team.

"His eyes were open. His lips were already turning purple. I immediately started doing compressions," Renaghan said. "And that didn't seem to do anything. His mouth was kind of clenched shut. I had to pry it open and started giving puffs. On the fourth puff I gave him, he coughed -- and I could tell he was going to throw up."

"By the time police got there, he was breathing," Renaghan said.

Ian's mom wasn't able to attend the game, but praised Renaghan's quick and effective reaction.

"Maureen is the real hero. She saved my son's life. He might not have made it if she wasn't there," said Lisa McGreevey. "The doctors said the ball directly hit his heart. The odds were so slim, it's crazy."

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