Indiana Capitol streaker causes chaos for officers, bystanders

INDIANAPOLIS, May 6 (UPI) -- Police in Indianapolis said a naked man stormed a Citizens Energy Group plant, struck a worker in the face then tried to choke the employee with a metal pipe.

Police took the man into custody at the facility after he eluded them in a chase that began at the Capitol Wednesday, the Indianapolis Star reported Monday.


A motive was not reported.

State Capitol police chased the streaker -- identified in court documents as 36-year-old Gilbert S. Sweazey of Indianapolis -- across state property and city sidewalks for several blocks, court documents said. The suspect did not heed officers' commands to stop, and eventually ran into traffic, startling motorists, the Star said.

"He had a crazed look in his eyes," one witness told the Star. "If he had been smiling or laughing or just seemed like your typical stupid drunk streaker, I'd have probably just said, 'All right, dude. Party on.' But it wasn't like that. You could tell something was wrong. He looked like maybe he'd had some bad drugs or something. That's why I called 911."

The witness said a towel wrapped around Sweazey's waist left little to the imagination as he ran.


Sweazey tried to commandeer a pickup truck. Police tried to capture him, but he was "sweating profusely," making his skin slippery and he escaped, court documents aid.

The man then entered the Citizens facility where police said they found him allegedly using a metal pipe to choke the Citizens employee. Police drew their weapons, ordered the suspect to surrender and arrested him, the documents said.

One police officer said Sweazey exhibited "extra human strength."

In a court appearance Friday Sweazey was formally charged with battery, criminal confinement, resisting law enforcement and trespass.

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