LaPierre warns NRA members the fight against gun control not over

HOUSTON, May 5 (UPI) -- Wayne LaPierre told National Rifle Association members in Houston Saturday they are in a "once-in-a-generation fight" to preserve gun rights.

LaPierre, the Houston Chronicle reported, said President Obama has "launched an historic, all-out attack, a siege on our gun rights."


"They're coming at us with a vengeance to destroy us," LaPierre said. "It's up to us to get to work now with an NRA large enough and strong enough to defeat [all opponents]."

The NRA executive vice president told the NRA convention audience they must be ready to respond when Obama and other gun control advocates try again to pass gun control legislation he said threatens gun owners' Second Amendment rights, The New York Times reported.

"We are in the midst of a once-in-a-generation fight for everything we care about," LaPierre said. "We have a chance to secure our freedom for a generation, or to lose it forever.

"We must remain vigilant, ever resolute, and steadfastly growing and preparing for the even more critical battles that loom before us," he said.

LaPierre, who said the NRA has grown to 5 million members during the public and congressional debate over gun control this year, said those who support background checks and restrictions on gun ownership have the "media elite" in their corner, "conspiring right now, regrouping, planning, organizing" to exploit "the next horrific crime," the Times said.


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