Expert: Rescued dogs may have been used for fighting

MIAMI, May 3 (UPI) -- Some of the dogs found at a house in a Miami suburb show signs of having been forced to fight with another dog while locked in a car trunk, experts say.

Miami-Dade Animal Services removed 10 dogs, four adults, two juveniles and four puppies, from the house in Goulds on Wednesday, The Miami Herald reported. Officers said the dogs were sick or injured and being kept in squalid conditions.


Some had facial scars suggesting they were being used for dog fighting, officers said. Kathleen Labrada, head of shelter operations and enforcement, said at least three of the dogs appeared to meet the definition of pit bull, a breed banned in Dade County.

Dahlia Canes, who heads the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation, said she believes some of the dogs had been used for "trunking." In that case, two dogs fight to the death after being locked in a car trunk with loud music playing.

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