Zetas member testifies in U.S. money laundering trial

SAN ANTONIO, April 29 (UPI) -- A founding member of Mexico's Zetas drug cartel testified in a trial in San Antonio Monday that a defendant was involved in a money laundering scheme.

Enrique Jesus Rejon Aguilar, arrested in 2011 after the killing of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata, testified in the trial of five men accused of money laundering, the San Antonio- Express News reported.


Rejon said Jose Trevino Morales, one of the men on trial, was employed as a front man in the United States to launder money through horse racing and race horse sales.

Rejon also testified that he had raced quarter horses with Morales' brother, Miguel,, who last year became the cartel's leader, and that he saw Francisco Colorado Cessa, a Mexican businessman who's also on trial, at a private race with Miguel Trevino.

Defense attorneys noted Rejon's admission that he killed or ordered the killings of at least 30 people while with the Zetas.

Rejon said he joined the Zetas in 1999 when it was a group of hit men working for the Gulf Cartel, and explained how the Zetas split off into their own cartel, beginning a violent gang war in northern Mexico, the newspaper said.


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