Wild mustangs to be offered for adoption

March 3, 2013 at 6:55 PM
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CARSON CITY, Nev., March 3 (UPI) -- Eleven wild mustangs -- the last of a group of 50 horses -- were rounded up in northern Nevada and will be put up for adoption, federal officials said.

Some Carson City residents were unhappy with the roundup and questioned why the U.S. Bureau of Land Management removed the horses they said had for years lived harmoniously with homeowners, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

The BLM said people had complained about the danger of hitting the horses on busy streets and damaging property as they grazed in a public park.

"We have successfully gathered the horses, and hope the community will feel safe knowing there's not a potential of hitting them on the road, or confronting them in public areas. We know the community loves and appreciates these horses, so we hope some of the residents will be able to give them a home in the area they're accustomed to," said Sierra Front Field Manager Leon Thomas.

Animal advocates said BLM officials want to remove as many of the horses as possible across 11 Western states but haven't considered alternatives such as birth control.

"In the past two years, four horses have been struck and killed by vehicles, and community complaints submitted to the BLM have ranged from concern for the safety of residents' children, to stallions fighting with domestic horses through fences. In all complaints, there were safety concerns and property damage," BLM officials said.

The BLM said the horses will be offered for adoption March 23 at a public event at Silver Saddle Ranch in southeast Carson City.

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