Frat raises $19,000 for transgender member

BOSTON, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Members of a fraternity at Boston's Emerson College say they have raised nearly $20,000 for a transgender member to get reconstructive chest surgery.

Phi Alpha Tau members started an online fundraiser for fellow member Donnie Collins with the intention of raising $4,800 to help pay for Donnie's female-to-male "top surgery," or chest reconstruction, the Boston Herald reported.


As of Thursday, the brothers have $19,909, and they still have 38 days left of the campaign.

"We've done everything we accomplished and we did so much more than we thought we could do," said Phi Alpha Tau brother Christian Bergen-Aragon.

Donnie's $8,100 surgery will be completely paid for by the campaign and the rest of the funds will be donated to the Jim Collins Foundation, an organization that provides financial assistance for gender reassignment surgeries.

"Right now, people have already funded another Donnie, another surgery," said Dru Levasseur, foundation co-founder and vice president.

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