Boy convicted of killing neo-Nazi dad

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Jan. 14 (UPI) -- A 12-year-old Riverside, Calif., boy was found guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of his neo-Nazi father.

Riverside Superior Court Judge Jean Leonard, who determined the outcome of the case in juvenile court, issued her ruling Monday morning.


The boy was 10 when he shot and killed his sleeping father, Jeff Hall, a leader in the National Socialist Movement, on May 1, 2011. Although Hall was a controversial and prominent figure at local Nazi rallies, attorneys on both sides agreed the boy was not driven to kill by his father's actions, The (Riverside) Press-Enterprise reported Monday.

During the two-week trial, prosecutors argued the boy deliberately plotted the crime because he was angry after his father, who had been drinking, spanked and kicked him.

The defense argued the boy had been raised in a climate of violence, and was not aware he was doing wrong until he pulled the trigger.

The boy will be sentenced Feb. 15, and the judge could order him held in a juvenile detention facility or specialized group home until he is 23, the newspaper said.


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