Sisters accuse Miami Beach police of abuse

MIAMI, Jan. 9 (UPI) -- Two sisters from Toronto have filed a formal complaint alleging they were assaulted and humiliated by Miami Beach police officers on Dec. 23.

Mastrangelo sisters Michele, 20, and Angelina, 24, said two police officers called them "dirty Canadians" and other nasty names while being questioned at a beachside hotel, the Toronto Star reported Wednesday.


The sisters and a group of guys they met were sitting on some stairs outside the hotel when the officers approached them.

They said said they were asked for identification and cooperated with police.

However, the sisters allege things when downhill when Angelina asked why she was in trouble and one of the officers told her to "Sit the f___ down, b____."

"For no reason he swore at me," Angelina said.

She said the officer proceeded to push her against a brick wall and flip her over before cuffing her and dragging her into a police cruiser.

The two sisters are charged with resisting arrest without violence. Michele also faces charges of disorderly intoxication and criminal mischief.

The police report said the sisters "became irate" when advised they were being arrested and were "screaming and yelling" at the arresting officers.


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