Toy store worker alleges master-slave sex

NEW YORK, Dec. 25 (UPI) -- A New York City woman, who made $60,000 a year managing a toy store, is suing her ex-boss for an alleged master-slave sex relationship, court papers show.

Twenty-six-year-old Amanda Reyes, the former manager at Fantastic Kids Toys in Manhattan, who had her rent paid among other expenses in addition to her salary, alleged her 60-something boss, Steven Reis, fired her after she tried to end twice-a-week rough-sex sessions with him, the New York Daily News reported.


Court papers said the toy store owner required his manager to engage in "increasing acts of 'rough' sexual activities, including hitting, slapping and biting," in exchange for employment and rent.

Reyes said she was first hired for $10 an hour in December 2010, but court papers said she was promoted to store manager about the time their master-slave relationship began last March.

Reyes' attorney Walker Harman said the two played sex games that included "role-playing and simulations of sorts" at her apartment.

Harman said his client, who has a young daughter, alleges "a manipulative master-servant type of relationship.

Reyes said she lost her job Aug. 29 when she tried to break off the relationship. Reis refused to comment to the Daily News.


The woman's Facebook page said she began dating a police officer from the New York Police Department last June.

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