Obama, Romney work around hurricane

CELINA, Ohio, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- President Obama arrived in Florida for some campaigning Sunday night after a day of dealing with Hurricane Sandy, while Mitt Romney worked Ohio for votes.

In Marion as part of a bus tour of Ohio, Romney and his vice presidential running mate, Paul Ryan, told a crowd of about 5,000 people they were looking for converts to their Republican cause and gave them tips on how to help, ABC News reported.


"Your friends may have voted last time, perhaps in the Democratic primary, they may have voted for who knows?" said Romney, flanked by Ryan. "They may have voted for Hillary Clinton or they may have voted for Barack Obama, they may have voted for then-candidate Obama in the final election.

"But I need you to convince them to vote for Paul Ryan and me and that's not always easy but you can ask them this question: You can say do you think everything's going just fine?"

"You're gonna say, 'Do you think should just go on like they're going for the last four years? And if they have the same answer you just had then you have the number one argument why for why they should vote for us. Because our campaign is about fundamental change, our campaign is about real change, taking a course correction in this country."


ABC said Obama campaign representative Danny Kanner disputed Romney claims he'd work in a bipartisan manner if elected president as he did when he was governor of Massachusetts.

"The American people can't trust a word Mitt Romney says, especially when he claims he'd work across the aisle as president."," Kanner said in a statement. "As governor, he refused to work with Democrats in the Legislature. And throughout this campaign, he's refused to stand up to the most extreme voices in his own party.... The middle class deserves a president they can trust and Mitt Romney just doesn't pass that test."

Obama arrived in Orlando, where he was greeted by well-wishers from the Puerto Rican community.

He then headed to his campaign office with a half-dozen pizzas.

"You guys look hungry. You've been working so hard," he told workers there. He gave them a few words of encouragement, telling them, "you guys blew it out!" ahead of Florida's early voting.

"I hate to put the burden of the entire world on you but basically it's all up to you," he joked. "Which is why I brought you pizza."

The president told them his top priority was to make sure everything was in place for those threatened by Hurricane Sandy in the coming days,"which means that you know that's going to be putting a little bit more burden on folks in the field because I'm not going to be able to campaign quite as much over the next couple of days."


He the joined them in making calls in search of votes.

Vice President Joe Biden was in Ohio, stopping to spur on volunteers at the campaign office in Columbus.

"When we win, you guys are going to be able to say we did it here in Ohio," Biden told them.

The vice president attacked Romney as someone he said wouldn't stand up to the "establishment of his party."

"What do you think the prospects are that Gov. Romney would attempt to do any of the things he now says," Biden said. "What do you think the chances of him doing that with a Republican-controlled Congress if they keep the Congress. What do you think the chances are he'll tell the Tea Party guys, 'You're dead wrong.' Because that's basically what he's saying now."

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