Ryan campaigning hard in Ohio this weekend

ZANESVILLE, Ohio, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is campaigning hard in Ohio this weekend, looking to persuade undecided voters in the key swing state.

No candidate in the last half-century has won the presidency without securing a majority in Ohio, and no Republican has ever won without Ohio's support, Fox News reported.


"As Ohio goes, so goes America," Ryan told supporters in Zanesville Saturday. "I think you know that.

"We're asking for your vote, we're asking for your help, we're asking for you to go find those people that you know and every single one of you know somebody who voted for Obama in '08 because they thought that hope and change sounded good, but now know that it's not happening.

"It's not real, hope and change has become anger, distraction, divide and conquer. We're not gonna fall for that."

The Los Angeles Times reported the Wisconsin congressman, who has been targeting women voters, said the people who need help are "people who are stuck in between. Who are in the middle of the earning years when they're supposed to be building for a family, saving for a family, putting themselves on a path to pursue their version of happiness."


With the Nov. 6 election just 10 days way, polls have shown Democratic President Barack Obama leading his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, by 3-5 percentage points -- within the margins of error.

"As you look at the closing arguments, we're talking about what it's going to take to get people back to work," NBC quoted Ryan as saying. "We're talking about the kind of leadership that Mitt Romney has provided throughout his life, at running at problems to solve problems. There have been hundreds of millions of dollars of negative advertising from the spring on trying to disqualify Mitt Romney. But what we learned at the debates is that this is a man of integrity, this is a man of principle, this is a man who knows how to create jobs, this is a man we would be proud to call our president.

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