Texas man charged with child abuse

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 18 (UPI) -- Texas police arrested a man on accusations he and his sister routinely beat, starved and neglected a niece, her twin and a younger brother.

Rogelio Archuleta, 26, was charged on three child abuse counts for his treatment of the children, ages 8, 10 and 10.


Police have issued similar warrants for Iliana Archuleta, the children's adoptive mother, the San Antonio Express-News reported Wednesday.

Iliana Archuleta operates a daycare center in San Antonio, which has since been closed.

The investigation began when Iliana Archuleta brought the 8-year-old boy to the emergency room after he had a seizure. Doctors found bruises all over the boy's body and said he was severely underweight.

The young girl told police the pair sprayed bleach on their open wounds, locked the refrigerator and gave them at most a half a sandwich each to eat a day. Sometimes the girl said the pair would force the children to eat sticks of butter and then their own vomit if they got sick, Bexar County Sheriff's investigators said.

None of the children at the daycare, nor Iliana Archuleta's two biological children, were believed abused.


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