92-year-old farmer kills suspected burglar

Sept. 5, 2012 at 2:47 PM
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BURLINGTON, Ky., Sept. 5 (UPI) -- A 92-year-old man in Kentucky shot and killed a young man he said broke into his home.

Two of the dead man's alleged accomplices were arrested, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

Earl Jones, a farmer in Verona, Boone County, said he felt like he had no choice. He had already been burglarized twice, and when he heard a noise in the basement Monday night he got his shotgun and sat in a chair in the living room, waiting for an intruder.

Pretty soon, someone was at the door.

"He kicked it hard and dang near knocked it off the hinges," Jones said. "When the body appeared, that's when I raised the rifle, and I fired one shot. "

The dead man was identified as Lloyd Maxwell, 24.

Investigators say a video camera installed in Jones's driveway after the earlier break-ins shows someone getting into the house through a doggie door in the basement and then letting in two other people.

While police say Jones appears to have acted legally, his shotgun is being held as evidence. A neighbor has lent him another one, and a local pawnbroker has also offered him a replacement.

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