Obama campaign decries Romney 'lies'

WASHINGTON, Aug. 9 (UPI) -- A spokeswoman for President Obama's re-election campaign said Thursday Mitt Romney's ad attacking the president's record on welfare is a "bold-faced lie."

Jen Psaki told reporters in Washington the Romney campaign's ad cannot be directly compared to another controversial ad being run by an outside group that supports Obama in which the actions of Romney and his company Bain Capital are blamed for the death of a steelworker's wife from cancer.


"As the president is out there on the campaign trail he is talking about what people in this country care about," Psaki said.

"We know that there is a debate that is going on out there between ads on the air waves. ... But there has been a bit of an apples to oranges comparison here when we are comparing an ad that has not even run by an outside group with have nothing to do with, and an ad that is the basis of Mitt Romney's campaign right now, that is a bold faced lie about the president's record on welfare and I think that is frustrating for us.

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"We do have to clarify and put out the accurate information about what is the truth."


While Psaki acknowledged Joe Soptic, who is featured in the anti-Romney ad produced by Priorities USA, had participated in a conference call for the Obama campaign, she said the ad -- which has not officially hit the airwaves -- should not be the focus of so much attention.

"No one is denying that he was in one of our campaign ads, he was on a conference call telling his story which many, many people in this country have gone through as there have been layoffs and they have had their benefits reduced. What is clear here again is that we are focusing so much on an ad that has not run yet that is done by an outside group," she said.

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