'Dangerous' dog in jail for biting visitor

July 5, 2012 at 5:30 PM
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WESTCHESTER, N.Y., July 5 (UPI) -- A dog labeled "dangerous" on the Animal Planet show "It's Me or The Dog!" has been sent to a New York dog jail after biting a person, officials say.

Casper, a 109-pound Presa Canario, has been in a Westchester shelter for six months since the incident, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

Trouble for the dog's owner, Bram Leinwand, started when his son, Eric, appeared on "It's Me or The Dog!" with Casper in 2011.

While on the show, Casper showed aggressive behavior when threatened and the host of the show, Victoria Stillwell called the dog "dangerous" and "a loaded pistol at the end of the leash."

After the episode aired on April 16, 2011, the Leinwands' condominium board demanded the family get rid of Casper or face a $500-a-day fine.

The board, which in 2009 gave the family permission to keep the dog, then put a $45,000 lien on the Leinwands' home and fines have now reached $80,000.

Then, Casper bit a man in the condominium parking lot, prompting police to seize the dog.

Bram Leinwand fought in court to save his dog's life, but was ordered to have Casper neutered and that the dog see a "board certified animal behaviorist" and not go out in public without a muzzle.

"He's not a bad dog. He doesn't deserve this," Leinwand said.

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