Tape reveals teen's parricide confession

NAPLES, Fla., July 3 (UPI) -- Florida teenager Alex Crain told an emergency dispatcher he didn't know why he killed his parents in their Naples home, a newly released tape reveals.

In the chilling, 16-minute call obtained Monday by NBC, placed in December 2010, Crain, then 14, confessed immediately to shooting his parents in the bathroom.


"I was sleeping and the next thing I know I had a gun in my hand and my parents were on the ground," he told the dispatcher.

The Naples Daily News reported the dispatcher told him calling 911 was the right thing to do. He said he was not on any medication, he was not upset with his parents, that he had simply stayed home sick from school.

"I love my parents," he cried, "I love my parents."

Crain repeatedly asked why ambulances were taking so long to arrive. He realized later, in the back of a police car, that his parents were dead.

"That's why there's no EMS," a dashboard camera recorded him saying.

Crain was tried as an adult and sentenced to 20 years and two months in prison in April after pleading no contest to two charges of manslaughter. Brian Bieber, his attorney, said Crain was "suffering from a severe mental illness," but refused to elaborate. Prosecutors said Crain was tried as an adult "when it was determined there really weren't any mental issues that gave us concern."


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