School: Cross dressing OK at graduation

WALLER, Texas, May 24 (UPI) -- Officials at a Houston-area high school said they would overlook a graduation dress code to allow a male student to walk across the stage in female attire.

Brandon Navarro, an openly gay senior at Waller High School, said he had planned to keep his hair long and wear a fitted dress and heels under his graduation gown until a teacher said otherwise, KHOU-TV, Houston reported.


"She was like 'you know you're gonna have to cut your hair right?'" said Navarro. "I said 'well they didn't tell me anything about that. It hasn't been an issue all year. Why is it an issue now?'"

Waller Independent School District requires senior males to "wear dress slacks, white shirt, tie and dark shoes," at commencement, but school officials worked with Navarro on a solution.

"I'm wearing a dress," said Navarro. "It's right above the knee. It's body fitting. It has tribal print up and down. It's real bright colored."

Navarro, who said he considers himself a cross dresser, will not be allowed to wear hair extensions, heels or earrings, KHOU reported.

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