Mother to press charges against babysitter

CAMDEN, N.J., May 24 (UPI) -- The New Jersey mother of a toddler who was locked in an active washing machine said Thursday she plans to file a lawsuit against the boy's babysitter.

Sakia David told NBC's "Today" show she plans to press charges against 1-year-old Saimeir Bush's babysitter, who took the boy to a Laundromat and stood by as the toddler was put into a washing machine and tumbled around inside for more than a minute.


Although both the babysitter, whose name was not released, and the man who put the toddler in the machine have said it was an accident, David said her son could have been badly hurt.

"I just want to tell Sandra [the babysitter] this is not over, because everybody said I wouldn't be pressing charges and I am," David said. "I left my child in her custody. She sat there and watched him put my baby in the washer, so it's both of their fault. I don't care how much you say how much it's not her fault, it's her fault too."

Surveillance video footage of the May 11 incident went viral online after it was posted on YouTube by an employee at the Laundromat, the Cherry Hill (N.J.) Courier-Post reported.

The video shows a man, said to be a friend of the babysitter's, pick up Saimeir and playfully put him in a washing machine. The man then closes the washer and -- to his and the babysitter's shock -- the washer starts, sending the boy tumbling.

The adults ran around the Laundromat, yelling for help and Kong Enh, an employee at the Laundromat, unplugged the washing machine. Saimeir had a few bruises but was otherwise unharmed and authorities said they did not intend to bring criminal charges.

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