'Forgotten' student in DEA cell for 5 days

SAN DIEGO, May 1 (UPI) -- A University of California student picked up in a drug raid was left forgotten in a holding cell for five days, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says.

The DEA says it is investigating what happened, whether the young man had food and water during the period of incarceration and access to a toilet, and how he obtained methamphetamine while in a lockup, the U-T San Diego reported. He was taken to a hospital and has apparently recovered.


The man was reported missing Friday by his roommate at UC San Diego. At that time, he had been in the hospital for two days.

The DEA seized 18,000 ecstasy pills, marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, guns and ammunition in a raid April 21. Nine people were arrested.

Amy Roderick, a DEA spokeswoman, said the suspects were interviewed at a field office, where they were photographed and fingerprinted but not stripped or subjected to body cavity searches. She said one was released, seven were transferred to the San Diego County jail and the ninth was "accidentally left in one of the cells."

The young man has not been charged with anything. He reportedly told investigators he had gone to the house that was raided "to get high."


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