UC-Davis found ill-prepared for protests

DAVIS, Calif., April 12 (UPI) -- University of California Davis administrators were ill-prepared for last year's Occupy protests, a task force report concludes.

The task force, headed by former state Supreme Court justice Cruz Reynoso, came up with a laundry list of recommendations on how to avoid a repeat, including a thorough review of the UC Davis Police Department, The Sacramento Bee reported.


The 190-page report issued Wednesday found "systemic and repeated failures" by university leaders during the Nov. 18 protests that resulted in pepper-spraying of students and activists who took part in a campus tuition protest.

The task force found some campus officials contended most of the campus squatters were outsiders, not students, despite a lack of evidence to support that assertion, the Bee said.

It also determined UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi failed to make clear there was to be no force used in dispersing the protesters, and campus police ignored Chief Annette Spicuzza when she told them not to wear riot gear or carry batons into the demonstration to avoid a confrontation.

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