Police: Shooter targeted administrator

OAKLAND, Calif., April 5 (UPI) -- The man charged with killing seven people at a California college may have been targeting an administrator, not the nursing director, police said Thursday.

The administrator at Oikos University, a small, religious college in Oakland, has not been identified, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.


"Investigators are looking into who the intended target is and if there were others," said Oakland police Officer Johnna Watson. "We do know he went there to find a specific administrator."

A close friend of Ellen Cervellon, the school's nursing director, had said Cervellon believed she was One Goh's intended target because she had recently told him he couldn't have a tuition refund after he dropped out of the nursing program.

Goh told police he was seeking a specific administrator who is no longer employed at the school when he allegedly went on a shooting spree Monday that killed seven people and injured three others, the Chronicle reported.

He faces seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder in addition to carjacking, robbery and kidnapping charges. He is being held without bail and could face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted.


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