Sept. 11 responders' settlements slashed

NEW YORK, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- Miscalculations have led to reductions in the settlement payouts many ailing responders to New York's Ground Zero have received, a lawyer said.

The dollar value of each point given to workers for the severity of their illnesses was recently set at $7.36, below the $7.50 to $9.19 range first estimated, the New York Post reported Sunday.


"Obviously, it was a big mistake. They miscalculated the total number of points awarded, so the value dropped significantly," said a lawyer in the case whose name wasn't reported.

The responders are currently getting the final payments of their $680 million settlement with New York City, which was agreed upon by 95 percent of the 10,000 police officers, firefighters, hard hats and other workers who filed claims.

"We didn't get what they told us we were going to get," said one worker whose name wasn't reported.

In one case, a NYPD detective diagnosed with asthma and other ailments was estimated to receive between $532,826 and $650,267. His award came to $115,480, which was reduced to $79,292 after lawyers' fees.

His lawyers initially claimed 60,000 points for the detective's asthma, but that number was rejected and reduced to 7,500 points by the courts.

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