Cops stun, tackle naked man on freeway

FAIRFIELD, Calif., Feb. 2 (UPI) -- Police in California arrested a man they said was involved in two hit-and-run collisions before running across a freeway naked.

Daniel Purttill, 19, was put in an ambulance Wednesday after he was Tasered multiple times and pinned to the ground following the incident on Interstate 80 in Fairfield, The (Vacaville, Calif.) Reporter said Thursday.


California Highway Patrol Officer Phil Grant said Purttill hit several cars while driving westbound on the freeway before stopping his car and jumping out wearing only his underwear. Purttill ran across six lanes of traffic to the center divider, where he stopped and flipped off passing drivers.

Grant said Purttill jumped the divide and ran across the eastbound lanes of traffic, at some point removing his underwear. Waiting officers Tasered the man multiple times to no effect and then tackled him to the ground where he began to eat dirt along the shoulder of the freeway.

Authorities said it was unclear whether Purttill had a medical condition that may have contributed to his behavior.

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