Body in coffin found in Florida storage

CLEARWATER, Fla., Jan. 27 (UPI) -- A search of a self-storage facility in Florida led to the discovery of a coffin, and the body of a woman who died in 1995.

A client of U-Stor Self Storage in Clearwater was informed her possessions would be auctioned in lieu of rent and pointed out her grandmother was in a blue coffin in the non-air-conditioned rental unit, the Tampa Bay Times reported Friday.


Police said the granddaughter was only informed of the remains last year, when her mother, herself dying, revealed the location. The names of the women were not released.

Medical examiners told police the woman in the coffin was "properly processed" for burial, and police were not aware of any suspicious circumstances which might have led to her death, the report said.

Although improper disposal of a body is a crime in Florida, no charges have been filed.

Storage facility manager Kevin McKeon said the family had been delinquent on rental payments since December. After being informed of the presence of the coffin by the granddaughter, he checked the unit Thursday and immediately called police.

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