Arizona to open legal medical pot center

PHOENIX, Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Caregivers in Arizona say a state-legal marijuana cultivation center, the nation's first, will allow them to grow their own pot for medicinal use.

Compassion First Caregivers Circle Inc. set up the growing center in Phoenix, equipped with sodium lights, duct systems and other features necessary to cultivate the only medicine some patients say works for chronic pain associated with arthritis, cancer and other maladies, The Arizona Republic reported Friday.


The Phoenix grow center will provide a 5,000 square-foot centralized location where about 45 people registered with the Arizona Department of Health Services can grow marijuana and distribute it to patients holding ID cards they've obtained from the state.

About 1,065 caregivers and 18,000 patients are registered with the state, the newspaper said.

Lynette Shockley, 64, is a registered caregiver who said she has tried everything for her debilitating arthritis pain.

"Nothing has touched the pain except for marijuana," Shockley said. "Now, I can finally help myself legally, and help other patients who need it."

Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos said people in law enforcement are warning growers and customers to follow the medical-marijuana law closely.

"This is a new kind of program, a new kind of business, and so we're just telling folks to read the law and follow the law," Martos said.


Marijuana is illegal under federal law.

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