Calif., Ind., Occupy protesters get boot

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 5 (UPI) -- Police have ordered Occupy protesters to evacuate public spaces in Oakland, Calif., and Bloomington, Ind., where they have set up tents.

About a dozen Occupy Oakland protesters were arrested Wednesday at Frank Ogawa Plaza near City Hall, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday. Officers in riot gear dismantled a teepee for which the protesters were given a three-day permit Nov. 29.


City officials said protesters violated the conditions of the permit by sleeping in the plaza, distributing food, setting up trash cans and storing personal belongings.

"While the city of Oakland will continue to facilitate the expression of First Amendment rights to free speech, in the interest of public health and safety, and the public enjoyment of Frank Ogawa Plaza, unpermitted and unregulated conditions will not be allowed," the city said in a statement.

Rachel Dorney, 23, accused police of harassing protesters.

"They want people to get tired," Dorney said. "They want people to stop showing up. But we can't show the police they're winning."

Bloomington, Ind., city officials posted a public eviction notice at Peoples Park, ordering protesters to pack up their tents and leave, WTHR-TV, Indianapolis, reported Thursday.


Some Occupy protesters told the station they believe the eviction is due to a Monday scuffle that resulted in the arrests of three people.

"All of a sudden, it seems like there's been a change, and the police started arresting people for nothing," said protester Hunter Muckel. "All of a sudden, we have this eviction notice."

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