Ex-El Paso judge still in lockup

EL PASO, Texas, Dec. 20 (UPI) -- A former El Paso County, Texas, judge accused of taking bribes will likely remain in jail until his arraignment Wednesday, the El Paso Times reported Tuesday.

Former judge Anthony Cobos, 44, was arrested early Friday on federal charges of deprivation of honest services, mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Cobos, along with Lorenzo Aguilar, 61,was indicted in an alleged to have taken more than $10,000 in bribes in 2007 to influence who got lucrative work on refinancing $40 million in county debt and to help Coastal Securities Inc. land the county's financial planning contract.


After refusing to answer questions without his lawyer present Friday, Cobos, who left office last December, was denied bail. By the time he agreed to be questioned, Judge Norbert Garney said it was too late in the day for him to be released. Aguilar is free on bail.

County Commissioner Dan Haggerty has not been charged, although the indictment states he allegedly accepted basketball tickets as well as other gifts worth $10,000 in connection with the plot.

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