N.H. fugitive sought in Maine

SANFORD, Maine, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- A hunt was on in Maine Monday for an escaped prisoner from New Hampshire authorities fear may be intent on harming two people, authorities said.

ABC News reported authorities describe the 33-year-old fugitive, David Glenn Hobson, as armed, dangerous and seeking revenge.


Hobson, who was awaiting trial on burglary charges, broke out of the Carroll County House of Corrections in Ossipee, N.H., Thursday by scaling a 12-foot fence topped with razor wire, the facility's superintendent, Jason Johnson, said. He allegedly fled the area in a stolen sport utility vehicle.

"We did recover a bloody shirt outside the jail and the [recovered] stolen vehicle had some blood in it as well," Johnson said.

Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland told ABC Hobson is "holding a grudge against two individuals."

"We warned them early and we believe they're in a safe place," McCausland said.

Authorities suspect Hobson is somewhere around Alfred and Sanford, Maine, where he has relatives.

Hobson's father Glenn Hobson was arrested Friday night for allegedly hindering his son's apprehension. He allegedly left clothing, a blanket and medical supplies outside his home for his son to pick up, but not a weapon. Police believe David Hobson obtained a weapon from somewhere else, ABC said.


The elder Hobson is free on bail.

The Portland (Maine) Press Herald reported state police searched two houses in the Sanford area Monday after receiving a tip that Hobson had been at one of them. The houses belong to Hobson's relatives, the newspaper said.

Two people were placed in a police cruiser and questioned but were released, the newspaper said.

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