Neo-Nazi group adopts a highway

WILMINGTON, Del., Nov. 22 (UPI) -- Delaware is allowing a couple with neo-Nazi views to participate in its adopt a rural roadway program, the state department of transportation said.

Delaware transportation department officials told The (Wilmington, Del.) News-Journal this is the first time a hate group has wanted to take part in the volunteer litter-control program.


But the group can't have the words Nazi Party displayed on two Adopt A Highway signs the department recently erected along a 2-mile stretch of Cedar Grove Road in Sussex County, Del.

Instead, their sign will read "Freedom Party."

The successful application came from a Delaware couple that believe racial and ethnic minorities should be expelled from the United States.

Edward McBride III and Katelyn McManus submitted several applications for their group before the department signaled its approval.

The first application by McBride listed their organization as the National Socialist Freedom Movement Nazi Party and it was rejected.

The transportation department also rejected McBride's application with the name NSFM88 Nazi Party.

When McManus applied under her name for the road to be adopted by the Freedom Party, the application was approved, DOT spokesman Geoff Sundstrom said.


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