TV station wants Casey Anthony tape

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 28 (UPI) -- Casey Anthony's lawyers argued Wednesday a video showing her reaction in a Florida jail to the finding of her daughter's body is a medical record.

Chief Judge Belvin Perry delayed his ruling on a motion by WKMG-TV in Orlando to unseal the soundless tape, the Orlando Sentinel reported. The tape was sealed in July 2009 when Judge Stan Strickland ruled it would be prejudicial as trial evidence.


Anthony was acquitted earlier this year of killing Caylee, 2. She had already been charged with murder when the toddler's skeletal remains were found in a swampy area in December 2008.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department asked that Anthony be transferred to a medical facility the day the remains were discovered. She was in a waiting area when she saw TV news accounts.

A corrections officer told detectives she had a marked physical reaction to the news, with sweaty palms, rapid breathing and red patches on her neck. She was given medication to calm her down.

Her lawyers say the fact of the medication means the waiting area became a treatment room, and the videotape is protected by medical privacy laws.


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