Police discharge gun at Denver airport

DENVER, Aug. 8 (UPI) -- Denver police were called to Denver International Airport this past weekend to test fire an undeclared handgun found in a piece of luggage, officials say.

The police received the request to investigate and discharge an undeclared gun found in a checked bag Sunday morning, The Denver Post reported.


Lt. Matt Murray said police used a device called a clear barrel to discharge the gun. The device is lined with cement and made for officers to shoot guns into, should they be unfamiliar with any given type of gun.

No one was injured during the process.

Although Denver police presented the case against the gun owner to the Denver District Attorney and the U.S. Attorney's Office, but both declined to press charges.

"People put their guns in occasionally and might not know the process," Murray said, noting that guns are allowed in checked luggage if they are declared.

The traveler, who was on his way to Kansas City, wasn't identified.

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