Texas leaves evolution in science books

SAN ANTONIO, July 22 (UPI) -- The Texas State Board of Education has tentatively voted for conventional science and evolution in study materials for public school students.

At a public hearing Thursday, several Texans expressed concerns religious overtones would end up in new science materials while others shared their belief God created the universe but insisted science books not undermine the teaching of evolution, the San Antonio Express-News reported.


In the end, the school board vote was unanimous for science.

"Someone might want to refund their tickets, because there wasn't a fight," board member David Bradley said after the decisive vote from a board that has often split along ideological lines in recent years.

Worries by some that the board would dilute the teaching of evolution didn't materialize.

"It wasn't a factor. Sorry. No story," board chairwoman Barbara Cargill said.

The new materials will be in Texas classrooms starting this fall.

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