Armored truck driver arrested in heist

DETROIT, July 21 (UPI) -- An employee of an Illinois armored truck company alleged to be the mastermind in a robbery of more than $300,000 this month has been charged.

The FBI said David Simpson, 21, of Highland Park, a driver for Total Armored Car Service, planned the July 8 heist that occurred near the Michigan Department of Treasury Building in Detroit.


Simpson and an alleged getaway driver were taken into custody Tuesday in separate arrests when agents found them sitting in the driver's seats of separate Dodge Chargers bought with money from the robbery, The Detroit News reported.

Simpson was hired by Total Armored Car Service May 3 as an armed truck driver, the company's vice president, Edward Buelow, said.

An informant told investigators Simpson admitted committing the robbery and that he paid the alleged getaway driver, Fred Daniels, $40,000.

Simpson bragged about the robbery by showing a cellphone photo of a bathtub filled with cash, the informant said.

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