Student faces expulsion after drug plea

NEW YORK, July 19 (UPI) -- A New York university student who pleaded guilty to drug charges and was sentenced to prison Tuesday expects to be expelled from school, his lawyer said.

Harrison David, 20, of Boston was one of a group of five friends at Columbia University who were charged in December for selling felony-weight amounts of cocaine, marijuana and pills from their apartments and fraternity houses to undercover police, the New York Post reported.


Under a deal with New York City's Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor, David was sentenced to six months in prison starting on Aug. 30 and to five years probation. Because he has already served two weeks in jail and assuming he will show good behavior in prison, however, he should be released after 15 weeks, his attorney Matthew Myers said.

David faced the most serious charges, and while charges are pending against the other four men, prosecutors said they would agree to non-prison sentences for them if they plead guilty to felony drug charges.

Columbia suspended David after his arrest in December, and David believes he will expelled now that he has pleaded guilty, the lawyer said.


"It's going to be difficult. And you're talking about a brilliant kid.Hopefully, someone will take a chance on him at a smaller school," Myers said.

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