Cleveland trial hears of woman's fall

CLEVELAND, July 6 (UPI) -- Two witnesses testified in Anthony Sowell's murder trial Wednesday about the day a woman fell out the window of his Cleveland home.

Sowell faces numerous counts, including aggravated murder, in the deaths of 11 women whose bodies were found in and near his home.


The woman who fell Oct. 20, 2009, survived and testified Tuesday that Sowell shut windows to muffle her screams.

"I started talking to God," she said. "And I told him I found myself in a predicament. I said, 'In the great name of Jesus, please don't let me die when I go out this window.'"

She said she climbed out a window and Sowell tried to pull her back in, but then pushed her out the window. She said she passed out and woke up days later in a hospital.

Wednesday, passerby Don Laster testified that he saw three men taking pictures with their cellphones of a naked woman on the ground and Sowell climbing down the side of the house. He said he told the men to stop taking pictures, warned Sowell not to move the woman, and called 911.


Restaurant owner Fawcett Bess testified he had seen Sowell and a woman walk to the back of his home earlier.

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