Ohio law allows guns in bars

COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 2 (UPI) -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed into law a bill allowing people with concealed carry permits to take their guns into bars and restaurants.

Some restrictions apply, and the owner of the establishment has the option of banning the weapons, The (Wooster) Daily Record reported.


Those packing heat aren't allowed to drink alcohol, and businesses will be allowed to post sign prohibiting firearms on their premises.

The law takes effect in about 90 days. Senate Bill 17 passed along party lines, with Democrats in opposition.

The current law prohibits concealed carry licensees from taking weapons into rooms or open-air areas covered by type D liquor permits. That includes retail stores, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, riverboats and shopping malls.

SB 17 allows concealed carry holders to enter those establishments with a weapon as long as they aren't under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and don't drink.

Richard Mason of the Ohio Restaurant Association, in a letter to lawmakers, said his members "simply feel that alcohol and guns are not a good mix."

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