Women describe attacks by accused killer

CLEVELAND, June 30 (UPI) -- Two women, testifying Thursday in the trial of accused serial killer Anthony Sowell, described attacks against them at his Cleveland home.

Gladys Wade told a Cuyahoga County jury Sowell knocked her unconscious as she walked by the house in 2008 and took her inside. She said she was on the third floor when she regained consciousness.


Wade said she was able to fight Sowell off and flee the house after he tried to rape her.

Tanja Doss, a former girlfriend of Sowell who lived across the street, described an attack in 2009. She said Sowell did not rape her but instead punched and kicked her, although he finally allowed her to leave.

Sowell is charged with killing 11 women whose bodies were found in the house in 2009.

Vanessa Gay testified Wednesday she met Sowell on the street and was raped over and over after she agreed to come home with him.

Gay said at one point when Sowell was out of the room she saw a woman's headless body.

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