Derringer, bullets found in carry-on bag

LOS ANGELES, June 18 (UPI) -- A man was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport when X-ray equipment found a derringer and ammunition in his carry-on bag, officials said.

Timothy Geisen, 53, of San Pedro, Calif., was arrested and booked on suspicion of possessing a concealed weapon Friday afternoon; his bail was set at $35,000, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.


Officials said the man was preparing to board an Alaska Airlines flight to Santa Rosa, Calif., when screeners found the gun and ammunition.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez said officials find about two guns every day in carry-on luggage.

"It happens more frequently than you would think," Melendez said.

Most of the time passengers just forget where they stored their guns, Melendez said. She said she didn't know what the circumstances were in Friday's incident.

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