Father jailed for son's death in hot car

LAS VEGAS, June 1 (UPI) -- A Las Vegas man is going to prison for eight to 30 years for the death of his 4-year-old son, left in a hot vehicle.

An angry Judge Douglas Herndon imposed the sentence Tuesday on Stanley Rimer, 54, who pleaded for probation and said he wanted to set up a foundation in memory of his special-needs son, Jason, the Las Vegas Sun reported.


Rimer had said he had gone to bed June 8, 2008, and his wife Colleen was responsible for getting Jason out of the vehicle, where he was found dead after 17 hours by one of his brothers.

"I don't know if Jason would have wanted you to start the foundation," Herndon said. "But I do know that Jason wanted you to go find him, to simply walk out of bed and go find your son. When the hell were you going to go check on him?"

The Rimers were convicted March 1 of involuntary manslaughter and multiple counts of neglect and child abuse of Jason and their other special-needs son, Aaron. Stanley Rimer also was found guilty of abusing and neglecting three other sons.


Colleen Rimer's sentencing was postponed until July 21 for a medical evaluation.

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