Colonel sues wife accused of killing kids

TAMPA, Fla., May 9 (UPI) -- Army Col. Parker Schenecker filed a wrongful death suit in Tampa, Fla., Monday against his wife, Julie, who is accused of killing their children Jan 27.

For three months, Schenecker kept quiet about his wife while filing for divorce.


But then, he told The St. Petersburg Times, she demanded $40,000 for a lawyer and $10,000 for a forensic accountant. She wanted alimony, health insurance, a life insurance policy with her as beneficiary, her diamond engagement ring back and a share of their marital estate, which her divorce lawyer estimates at more than $2 million.

"I was incredulous," he said.

Schenecker said the lawsuit "is a necessary step in my desire to give voice to my children and to ensure that throughout what may happen in future criminal and civil litigation, Calyx and Beau are not forgotten."

Beau, 13, and Calyx, 16, were found in their home Jan. 28, each shot twice. Their father was stationed in Germany at the time.

Schenecker said he told his wife he was getting a divorce the first time he saw her in jail and later offered her a settlement, which she rejected.


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